Airport Collaborative Decision Making

Put simply, Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) means airport partners working closely together by openly sharing data transparently and in real time by implementing a set of operational procedures and automated processes.

Originally a joint venture between ACI EuropeEurocontrol and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, A-CDM aims to improve the operational efficiency of airport operators by reducing delays, increasing the predictability of events during the progress of a flight and optimising the use of resources.

To illustrate the potential benefits, consider that up to 100 individuals are involved in each of Gatwick’s near-900 daily aircraft movements – ranging  from caterers to refuelling teams, flight crew to handling agents.


With so many interfaces within and between different agencies, it’s easy to see that poor information has the potential to lead to poor decisions. But with the A-CDM software putting all the different information streams onto a single screen, it is much easier to manage the airfield.

Using this approach leads to more efficient operations, lower emissions, reduced costs , and ultimately, increased airport capacity.

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