Flight connections are easy at Gatwick

Here's our guide to flight connections at Gatwick.

Flight connections

If you are connecting on to another flight through Gatwick you will need to do one of the following:         

  •  If your baggage is through checked and you already hold a boarding pass for your onward flight, then simply follow signs for Flight Connections. There is no need to clear border control or Customs. 

  • If your baggage is not through checked you must collect it at Gatwick. Follow signs to the baggage reclaim – you will need to pass through border control on your way – and then either use our free Gatwick Connect service or proceed to the check-in desk for your next flight.

Gatwick Connect

Gatwick Connect is available to passengers connecting onto an easyJet, Norwegian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic flight, Thomas Cook, Flybe or WOW flight.

It's a new way of transferring between flights if your airlines doesn't offer a flight connections service at Gatwick. 

And it's so easy to use. Simply:

  1. Collect your luggage from your arriving flight
  2. Go to our Gatwick Connect desk in the baggage reclaim hall
  3. Our friendly staff will confirm your flight details, check you and your bags in for your onward flight
  4. Then just exit through Customs, head straight to security and through to the lounge, where you can relax and enjoy the facilities before taking your next flight!

Want to find out more? Then read our Gatwick Connect FAQs.

International to UK and Ireland connections

You must clear border control and Customs and then check-in for your onward flight.

UK and Ireland to international connections

Providing the airline you are travelling with for your onward journey uses our internal transfer service. You will be able to use our Flight Connections as long as you have a boarding card or the confirmation itinerary for your onward flight and your hold luggage has been checked through to your final destination. 

Changing terminals

Simply take the inter-terminal shuttle which runs 24 hours a day and takes just two minutes.


Transfer passenger duty free liquids are subject to security screening, including those in a sealed security bag (sometimes referred to as a Security Tamper Evident Bag or STEB) with the proof of purchase clearly displayed inside.

The existing security arrangements remain in place for all other liquids i.e. liquids in containers holding no more than 100ml packed in a single, sealed, transparent plastic bag (measuring approx. 20cm x 20cm).  All other liquids must be placed in hold baggage.

It may be necessary to remove the liquids and gels from their packaging for screening.

More information

To use Flight Connections, you must have a boarding card or ticket for the onward flight and your hold luggage must be through-checked to your final destination.

All passengers entering the UK must clear Immigration at their first port of call. Therefore it is important that your passport/visa allows you entry into the UK. Nationals of many countries need a visa both to enter the UK and to transit through the UK. Please make sure that you have the necessary visa. Full information on UK Government visa requirements is available here

You should make hotel or other arrangements to stay over if your connecting flight departs the next day.