Train drivers strike

We are expecting significant disruption to rail services to and from Gatwick on 13, 14 and 16 December. There will be no Southern trains and reduced Gatwick Express services. Please check your route in advance and allow extra travel time. 

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Your guide to flying in

You will need: Passport iconPASSPORT

Step 1

Passport control

If you have a chipped e-passport then it's quicker and easier to use the e-passport gates. You can use them if you are over 12 and hold a British, EU, EEA or Swiss passport. Simply follow the signs as you approach the arrivals hall.

New: anyone over 12 years old with an e-passport can now use the gates.

If you have an ID card or old style passport, head towards the right hand side of the arrivals hall. 

Non-EU/non-EEA passport holders, head towards the left hand side of the arrivals hall.

List of EU and EEA countries

How to get through passport control quickly

Step 2

Pick up luggage

After going through passport control, you can pick up your bags. Your hold baggage is delivered from the plane to baggage reclaim by your airline or handling agent. Watch the screens to find out which carousel your bags will arrive on. 

Step 3


Blue customs channel

Flying from a EU country, nothing to declare (hold baggage has a green-edged tag). 

Green customs channel

Flying from a non-EU country, nothing to declare (hold baggage has a white tag).

Red customs channelRed customs channel

Flying from anywhere with goods to declare. 

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