Check your terminal before you travel

Some airlines are moving

If you’ve flown from Gatwick before, you’ll know that we have two terminals: North and South. Most airlines operate from just one or the other.

As part of our on-going transformation programme to improve the airport experience for our passengers, three airlines have moved terminals: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and some easyJet flights.

  • All easyJet flights now depart from the North Terminal
  • All British Airways flights depart from the South Terminal
  • All Virgin Atlantic flights depart from the North Terminal

If you are travelling with these airlines there are a few things to keep in mind:

Check your departure terminal

If you’ve travelled with the three airlines before, please be aware that your flight may be departing from a different terminal than it has in the past. Your airline should have told you which terminal to go to. Remember to check before heading to your usual terminal – turn off the autopilot!

Checking your arrival terminal

If you departed before 24/25 January 2017, you may be returning to a different terminal. Bear this in mind when arranging a meeting point to be picked up from.

If you need to travel between the two terminals, to access parking or the train station, use our free shuttle service, which is clearly signposted and takes just a couple of minutes.


There’s plenty of long-term parking at both terminals, and you can park at either. Use the free shuttle service to move between terminals.

Find out more about parking


If you like to escape to one of our airport lounges, check which ones are located in the terminal you’re travelling from. There’s a No. 1 Lounge in both terminals, but others are just North or South.

Choose a lounge in your terminal


If you plan to stay near Gatwick the night before you fly, you’ll probably want to book a hotel closest to your departure terminal. But they’re all within easy reach of both!

Choose a hotel by your terminal

Shops and restaurants

There are different shops and restaurants in our two terminals, so if you like to plan ahead, check the choice available in the terminal you’re travelling from.

Browse our shops and restaurants

The rest of your Gatwick experience, from security to passenger assistance, is the same no matter which terminal you travel from. And we’ll have extra staff and signs around to help make sure you know where to go.

If you have any more questions about the airline moves, check our FAQs for detailed answers or watch our video.