Don't forget to claim for your VAT refund if you're visiting from a non-EU country.

Visitors from non-European Union countries can reclaim the sales tax (VAT) on purchases from a number of British retailers.

VAT refundsIf you buy from shops displaying the Tax Free Shopping sign you will be given a tax refund form at the shop – keep it along with your receipt.

When you get to the airport, take your form and receipt to the Customs VAT office for validation before you check-in. You will be expected to show the items you have bought, so please bring them with you too.

Once the form is stamped by Customs then you can either post it to the address provided or claim your refund directly from the Moneycorp desk. You can have your refund paid in cash in a range of currencies - just ask when you get to the desk.

The VAT office is staffed by a Customs officer. If no one is there, please use the phone to call for assistance.