Our library holds documents we've submitted to the Airports Commission as well as consultation and other related documents

Below you can find a list of all our documents which formed part of Gatwick Airport's submission to the Airports Commission. We recommend that you view these documents from a desktop as some of the file sizes are very large.

Address by Gatwick Chief Executive Officer Stewart Wingate
Airports Commission Public Evidence Session - 16 December 2014

May 2014 submission documents 

SD1 Strategic Argument
SD2 Master Plan 
SD3 Engineering Plans
SD4 Mitigation Strategies
SD5 Development Strategies
SD6 Surface Access

General appendices

Appendix A1 London Traffic Report
Appendix A2 Technology Aviation Industry
Appendix A3 - No document submitted
Appendix A4 Local Economy Impacts
Appendix A5 Operational Efficiency - Master Plan 1/2
Appendix A5 Operational Efficiency - Master Plan 2/2
Appendix A6 Airport Surface Access Strategy
Appendix A6 Surface Access
Appendix A7 Air Noise
Appendix A7 Air Noise Figures - see below
Appendix A8 Ground Noise  
Appendix A9 Air Quality
Appendix A10 Biodiversity
Appendix A11 Carbon
Appendix A12 Water and Flood Risk 1/4
Appendix A12 Water and Flood Risk 2/4
Appendix A12 Water and Flood Risk 3/4
Appendix A12 Water and Flood Risk 4/4
Appendix A13 Place 1/6
Appendix A13 Place 2/6
Appendix A13 Place 3/6
Appendix A13 Place 4/6
Appendix A13 Place 5/6
Appendix A13 Place 6/6
Appendix A14 Quality of Life
Appendix A15 Community
Appendix A16 Financial Case
Appendix A17 Capital Cost Forecast
Appendix A18 Land Valuation
Appendix A19 Commercial Facilities Requirements
Appendix A20 Construction Programme Risk Profile
Appendix A21 Programme Risk Management
Appendix A22 Construction Delivery Transition
Appendix A23 Engagement Strategy
Appendix A24 Engagement Charter - June 2014
Appendix A25 Operational Risk
Appendix A26 Airspace
Appendix A27 Public Safety Zones
Appendix A28 Consultation Document
Appendix A29 Fuel Strategy
Appendix A30 Planning Context
Appendix A31 Waste
Appendix A32 Energy
Appendix A33 Geo Environmental
Gatwick Letter 14.05.14 - AC LGW 051

Air noise figures appendices

Figure cover page
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9
Figure 10
Figure 11
Figure 12
Figure 13
Figure 14
Figure 15
Figure 16
Figure 17
Figure 18
Figure 19

Other submission documents

Gatwick Response to AC Discusssion Paper 7 - Delivery of New Runway Capacity - 15 August 2014 

Gatwick Response to AC Discussion Paper 6 – Utilisation of the UK’s Existing Airport Capacity
- 25 July 2014 
The case for Heathrow: A reality check - 10 December 2013 
Response to the Aviation Noise Discussion Paper - 06 September 2013 
Proposals for providing additional runway capacity in the longer term - 23 July 2013
Appendices relating to the above proposals document - 23 July 2013 
Presentation to GATCOM - 23 July 2013 
InterVISTAS Assessing Connectivity report - 17 July 2013 
Response to paper 4 on airport operational models - 11 July 2013
Aviation and climate change paper - 16 May 2013
Short and medium term options paper - 16 May 2013 
Aviation connectivity and the economy paper - 18 April 2013 
Proposed sifting criteria submission - 15 March 2013 
Demand forecast paper - 15 March 2013 
Letter of intent from Stewart Wingate to Sir Howard Davies - 28 February 2013 
Gatwick Airport to submit connectivity and capacity options to the Airports Commission 
- 28 February 2013 
New deal for London Gatwick is better for passsengers and airlines - 17 October 2012

Consultation documents

Our main consultation document ‘A Second Runway for Gatwick – Our 2014 Runway Options Consultation’ gives full details of our runway options and contains all the information you will need to respond to the consultation. We also produced a summary document ‘Consultation Summary – An introduction to our Runway Options Consultation’.

Gatwick Airport Report of Consultation - July 2014
Ipsos Mori Runway Options Consultation Report - July 2014
High resolution noise contour plan for Option 3 - revised for 95 mppa - July 2014
Consultation Document: ‘A Second Runway for Gatwick – Our 2014 Runway Options Consultation’
Consultation Document: Plan 0A-3C (layout, boundary and noise contour plans)
High resolution noise contour plan for Option 1
High resolution noise contour plan for Option 2
High resolution noise contour plan for Option 3 
High resolution noise contour plan for Gatwick 2012 
Consultation Summary: ‘An introduction to our Runway Options Consultation’

Other documents

Other documents, which do not form part of the consultation, are provided here for information purposes only:

Connecting Britain to the Future. Faster - a summary of Gatwick's compelling case for a second runway. 
Connecting London and the South East to the Future. Faster -  Why Gatwick is the best option for London and the south east. 
Gatwick Airport’s Assessment of Heathrow North-West Runway: Air Noise - 3 November 2014 
Engagement Charter for local landowners and occupiers  
Property market support bond summary document (please note that this will be updated to reflect our new pledge announced on 24 July) 
Home owner support scheme summary document (please note that this will be updated to reflect our new pledge announced on 24 July) 
Noise insulation scheme summary  
Report by David McMillan - December 2013 flooding  
Access Gatwick (airport surface access strategy)  
Decade of Change (main document) 
Decade of Change (latest annual report document) 
Gatwick 2012 Masterplan