After considering a wide range of alternatives, we have identified three options for a second runway at Gatwick

Common features to all three options:

• The new runway’s length would be 3.4km;
• The new runway would be south of the existing runway and parallel to it;
• Cargo and aircraft maintenance facilities would be located in the northern area of the airport;
• The River Mole would be diverted to the west of the airport and the A23 diverted to the east;
• All long-stay car parking would be located east of the railway.

Differences between the options:

• The distance between the runways;
• Whether or not to build a new terminal between the two runways;
• The way the runways would be used;
• How many passengers would use the airport;
• The amount of land we would need.

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Our evaluation of the options

We have reached the provisional view that Option 3 has the best performance overall, followed by Option 2, then Option 1.

Whilst Option 1 has the lowest overall environmental impact, Option 3 brings the greatest social and economic benefits, greatest operational efficiency, and lower impacts per passenger.

Option 2 brings greater social and economic benefits and operational efficiency than Option 1, but performs less well than Option 3 in these elements. Option 2 also has lower impacts per passenger than Option 1.