As the single largest employer in the region, Gatwick is widely recognised as a positive engine for growth in the local economy. At the heart of this are the jobs created by the airport as a direct or indirect result of its operations.


Option 3 generates the largest increase in employment by 2050/51 with an additional 17,500 employees compared to a single runway airport in 2050/51.

We have reached this conclusion by assessing employment data in a study area comprising 14 local authority areas with at least 1% of the 2012 Gatwick workforce.

The study area represents around 80% of total employment, which means that the total increase in airport related jobs would be higher as some employment would be created outside the Study Area, mainly in London and the rest of the South-East.

Taking this into account, by 2050/51 under Option 3 55,200 jobs could exist because of the airport.

Regional economic effects

A two runway Gatwick will make a positive contribution to economic activity in the wider region, including Central London, South London, Docklands, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Wider national economic effects 

Option 3 would deliver the highest economic benefit; with Option 2 delivering around 10% less economic benefit than Option 3 and Option 1 delivering half of the economic benefit of Option 3.