Corporate responsibility reporting has been an integral part of our business for many years.


We are committed to a responsible Gatwick that strikes the balance between environmental impacts and the social and economic benefits of the airport, managing and reducing our impact on the environment. 

In 2010 we launched our Decade of Change  strategy which set targets across all key sustainability areas including energy consumption, water use, waste, carbon emissions, air quality and public transport use - all for us to deliver by 2020. 

We are proud that Gatwick is the most efficient single runway airport in the world. This means that we have more arrivals and departures per hour than ever before and we're now over 41 million passengers a year. We have achieved all this while continuing to improve our environmental impact across many areas of our business. 

Our reporting programme also looks at our performance against our S106 Legal Agreement commitments. Our targets and achievements are are independently verified by external consultants who endorse our performance against past targets and validate the targets and objectives that drive our performance in the year ahead.

Annual performance reports

Each year our reports called Decade of Change look at the progress we have made since the launch of our current strategy in 2010. Prior to this our reports were known as sustainability or corporate responsibility reports.

Issue by issue we set out our approach, performance and plans through to 2020 and give an update on how we are against each of our targets.

Our latest Decade of Change report - 2015

Decade of Change report 2015We are now half way through our ten year Decade of Change and we're making excellent progress as we work towards our vision of becoming the UK's most sustainable airport.

Our most recent report will update you on our progress on achieving the challenging objectives we set ourselves in 2010 and our action plans going forward.

This year we have created two reports - a full report and a summary version of our report. You can read them both below, but highlights and achievements from 2015 include:

  • Carbon emissions cut by 32.6%
  • Energy used cut by 16.6%
  • No operational waste sent to landfill, with 49% recycled
  • 56% of airport’s 21,000 strong workforce lives in the local community
  • In 2015, Gatwick spent £71.4 million with local suppliers
  • In 2015, Gatwick sponsored 32 community events, distributed £200,000 among local causes and raised £175,000 for local charities

Read our Decade of Change summary report 2015
Read our Decade of Change full report 2015 
These are large file sizes and we recommend that you view them from your desktop.

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