To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, some of our staff who originally started as apprentices went back to the shop floor. They were joined by some of our current engineering apprentices and a camera crew filmed their experience.

We look back over their careers and how they’ve got to where they are now. 

Stewart Wingate, CEO

Stewart Wingate career timeline

Our CEO, Stewart Wingate, started his career as an apprentice and is now responsible for the operations and regulations of the whole airport. His best piece of advice for those considering an apprenticeship is: “Try your hardest to fulfil your own potential, whatever that is. Not everyone wants to be a CEO but strive for what you want. If you end up going up the ladder, treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself. Be true to yourself, don’t try to be somebody or something you’re not, as generally you’ll get found out.”

Watch Stewart go back to the floor with one of our engineering apprentices. 

Helen Cowper, Organisational Development Leader

Helen Cowper career timeline

Helen Cowper’s journey has taken her from electrical apprentice to organisational development lead at Gatwick. She says her training as an apprentice “was an excellent foundation” for her career.

Watch Helen go back to the floor with one of our engineering apprentices.

Tony Yates, Head of Engineering 

Tony Yates career timeline

The journey of Tony Yates, Head of Engineering at Gatwick, has taken him on a very interesting route. He says: “As a child I was obsessed with fixing things that were broken. I liked to take things apart to understand how they worked and then rebuild… I still do!”

Watch Tony go back to the floor with one of our engineering apprentices.