Transforming Gatwick

The transformation of Gatwick is well underway...

...but there's much more to come. We want Gatwick to become the airport of choice, not only in London but in Europe, delivering world class service to our passengers.

Gatwick is already the world's most efficient single runway airport.

Since new ownership, late in 2009 passenger numbers have grown by over six million – and today over 38 million people choose Gatwick. This number is set to reach 40 million by 2016, breaking all previous predictions. Gatwick is now unrecognisable from a few years ago. 

Under new ownership, we invested over £1 billion in the first five years with a further being invested in the next. All our investment is focussed on improving the airport experience for our passengers. Between 2009 and 2014 we've pioneered state-of-the-art security at our South Terminal, as well as introducing dedicated lanes for families or passengers needing special assistance. We extended the North Terminal, replaced the inter-terminal shuttle service and revolutionised the shopping and eating experience at the airport - to name but a few. Our plans for the next five will focus on our North Terminal, transforming the terminal and allowing us to create a strategy for growth over the next few years.

We're undergoing the biggest transformation in our history

The story so far

How we've started transforming Gatwick

What's next?

We're investing a further £1b in the next five years

Improving transport

An upgraded mainline station for Gatwick

Strategic plans

Planning for our future growth