We published the final version of our master plan in 2012.

new gate roomsThe final version of our master plan can be viewed or downloaded here:

Gatwick master plan 2012 
Gatwick master plan appendices 2012

Key master plan points:

  • Today Gatwick handles around 34 million passengers a year, contributes around £2 billion to the economy and provides on-airport jobs for 21,000 people and a further 20,000 jobs indirectly
  • In the three and a half years under new ownership, Gatwick has delivered large parts of its £1.2 billion investment programme, which has helped to transform the airport for airlines and passengers
  • Gatwick has proposals to invest a further £1 billion in the airport from 2014
  • Gatwick can grow to handle 40 million passengers a year by 2021/22 and create an extra 1,200 on-airport jobs and contribute around £2.1 billion to the regional economy
  • Gatwick could, by 2030, handle around 45 million passengers a year at which point the airport would be full
  • In moving towards this level of growth, Gatwick will make every effort to maintain and, where possible, improve the sustainability and environmental performance of the airport operations. 

To that end Gatwick will work with key stakeholders to ensure the airport remains affordable to airlines and their passengers; service levels remain high; the number of people affected by aircraft noise, as assessed by the CAA, is kept as low as possible and Gatwick’s performance in this area remains one of the best in Europe; operations are resilient to the effects of disruption; and that adequate airspace and surface access infrastructure is in place.

Consultation feedback

Between October 2011 and January 2012, we ran a major consultation on Gatwick's vision for growth up to 2020, which informed our final master plan. During this period we consulted with local residents and businesses, local councils and MPs. We held workshops, public exhibitions and mailed leaflets. In total around 2,200 people engaged with us directly during the process.

The main issues raised through the consultation were related to the impact of growth on the road and rail networks, and on airport noise for those living near Gatwick or under our flight path. We've recognised these concerns and our master plan makes commitments to help fund improvements for rail, coach and local bus services and also accepts that making further improvements to our surface transport is essential to achieving sustainable growth.

We also acknowledge that communities can be affected by aircraft noise and our master plan details the range of noise management and mitigation measures in place. We are also looking to deliver a better noise insulation scheme for our local communities and this will be rolled out during 2013, following a public consultation.