North terminal forecourt access

The quality of service we provide to our passengers is monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Each month we report against a series of measures which include the following: 

  • Availability of passenger sensitive equipment (PSE): including lifts, escalators, moving walkways and the inter-terminal shuttle. The PSE has been split into two groups, a priority list and a general list, to ensure key equipment is identified and monitored closely, while keeping the rest of the equipment maintained.
  • Availability of arrivals baggage reclaim belts.
  • Availability of airfield assets: fixed electrical ground power (for aircraft on stands), stands and jetties (loading bridges).
  • Security queuing: at the departures search area, flight connections, staff search and external control posts (the security search for catering, flight crews and maintenance equipment).
  • Aerodrome congestion: measured by comparing actual runway flows during ‘material events’ to expected runway flow rates.
  • The Quality of Service Monitor including: passenger perception of the availability of seating in the departures lounge, reading, understanding and finding flight information screens, wayfinding ie the ease of finding your way around or between terminals, and the cleanliness of check-in, departure lounge, arrivals concourse areas and toilets within the terminal buildings.

Quality of Service Monitor (QSM)

This is an ongoing customer service survey conducted amongst a cross-section of departing and arriving passengers by our market research team. Passengers are asked to rate their experience of the service and facilities at the airport. A QSM SQR score is then calculated following a CAA formula and published each month.

If we fail to achieve the performance standards set by the CAA rebates are paid to Gatwick based airlines. The maximum we could pay is 7% of airport charges income over the financial year (from April to the following March). For Gatwick, this could be up to £17 million. For each month we fall below target, we pay a rebate up to a maximum of six months. Additionally, the CAA has included a bonus scheme to encourage us to improve our performance further. The maximum additional revenue achievable via bonuses at Gatwick is 2.24% of airport charges or approximately £5 million.

View our service quality rebate reports