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Gatwick Airport

Here you can find our monthly traffic figures from 2015 onwards. 

July 2016 - issued 11 August 2016

London’s fastest growing long-haul gateway: Gatwick achieves biggest-ever month in its 80 year history, reaffirming expansion case

  • Gatwick achieves busiest-ever month in its 80 year history as long-haul routes continue their impressive growth, +23% on July 2015
  • Gatwick also records strong cargo growth illustrating the airport’s growing export role for Britain
  • To celebrate this landmark month in Gatwick’s history, a stunning collection of new Gatwick aerial imagery is today released by acclaimed New York photographer Jeffrey Milstein providing a brand new aerial perspective on Gatwick

Gatwick Airport has achieved the busiest single month in its 80 year history as 4.6m passengers travelled through the airport in July, +6.9% on the same month last year.

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