The Department for Transport (DfT) is responsible for the UK Government's aviation policy.

New Runway

The Airport's Commission (the independent body set up by the Government in September 2012 to investigate London and the UK’s future airport capacity needs, chaired by Sir Howard Davies) has been tasked with identifying and recommending the best solution economically, environmentally and logistically for expanding capacity in order to maintain this country’s status as an international hub for aviation. View more information about a new runway and our press release.

The Airport's Commission provided an interim report to the Government at the end of 2013 and will then publish by the summer of 2015 a final report, for consideration by the Government and Opposition Parties. A decision on whether to support any of the recommendations contained in the final report is anticipated to be taken by the next Government.

Existing Policy

In July 2012, the DfT published its Draft Aviation Policy Framework (APF), a framework which will set the high-level policy parameters within which any new proposals for airport development may be considered. The final APF was adopted at the end of March 2013

In December 2003, the DfT produced its Air Transport White Paper, setting out a strategic framework for airport development over the next 30 years. It also published a follow up progress report in December 2006.