Here Bo Redeborn updates on progress of the NMB at Gatwick

Bo Redeborn, who led the Arrivals Review and is the independent chair of the Noise Management Board (NMB), updates on progress made by the Board. You can find all minutes and documents relating to meetings on our NMB page.

Update 10 May 2017

Gatwick’s Noise Management Board met for the fifth time in early April to discuss progress with the implementation of the recommendations of the Independent Arrivals Review, to consider in more detail effective strategies for delivering the Fair and Equitable Dispersal (FED) of arriving aircraft, and to develop plans for further reductions of noise from aircraft using Gatwick. This included a preliminary set of objectives and priorities for further work, including specific work on departures and night noise respite options. The NMB continues to be a well-attended and effective mechanism to develop coordinated noise management strategies across the wide range of organisations with responsibility for, or an interest in noise management. 

Meanwhile, very pleasing progress has been made with the top three priority recommendations from the arrivals review, specifically; The noise modification of Airbus 320 series aircraft (Imm-01), the extended and improved use of Continuous Descent Operations (Imm-05) and, the reduced ILS Joining Point (Imm-10). These three initiatives are as the result of wide ranging cooperation, delivering measured noise improvements. Gatwick published a report of progress with the Arrivals Review Recommendations at the public meeting of the NMB held at the end of January. Of course, while these are inevitably relatively small steps, there is still important strategic work to do.

With further noise improvements in mind, in April, I was particularly pleased that the NMB was able to agree an outline of the vital objectives and mechanisms that will help to frame the planning and implementation of Fair and Equitable Dispersal.

The April meeting also agreed to convene NMB workshops, the first of which is intended to accelerate progress to identify further improvements to continuous descent operations and the use of low power, low drag (LP/LD) configurations by aircraft to reduce arrivals noise. This took place on 2 May, the outcome will be shared at our next meeting on 6 June.

The NMB has already agreed to introduce a departure focussed work-stream, a preparatory NMB workshop will be held at the beginning of June to develop the strategic priorities and deliverables that will be based on the departures topics proposed at our meeting on 15 November 2016. These were refined and agreed subsequently at our meeting on 5 April 2017. Gatwick will also be discussing the strategic considerations related to departures with a wider group of community representatives, immediately before the NMB Departures Workshop. The objective of this pre-meeting being to better understand the strategic objectives for departures that are expressed by community noise groups and others not directly represented on the NMB. 

I am confident that the NMB continuous improvement process will quantify relevant arrival and departure issues in the forthcoming workplan, including the reduction of the negative impact to Gatwick of Heathrow airspace routings. Using the NMB process will also permit the agreement of priorities and suitable monitoring and reporting mechanisms for arrivals, departures and night noise respite.

I expect to be able to publish the NMB’s preliminary priorities and focus for 2017/2018 at the end of June.

Bo Redeborn - Chairman 
Noise Management Board