We have taken part in a number of consultations and trials to improve noise around our airport

Airspace consultation

Gatwick Airport Ltd and NATS recently consulted on significant changes to the airspace above and around Gatwick Airport as part of the London Airspace Change programme.

Airspace above the south of England is some of the busiest in the world. The consultation was the first stage in a wider programme of proposed changes to deliver the UK’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS), which will be legally required to come into effect in 2020. Gatwick is the first major airport to consult on all levels of its airspace and all other airports will be required to follow suit.

The consultation closed back in 2014 and we have analysed all the feedback received, using it to develop revised arrival and departure routes. In line with guidance from the Civil Aviation Authority, we are required to consult again on any impacts resulting from the proposed route development that were not considered as part of the original consultation.

You can view all archived documents relating to the consultation here

Important note: As a result of conversations with NATS, the changes covered in this consultation have been deferred to allow further planning and engagement with local residents. There will be no airspace change proposals put forward by the airport until further engagement and consideration of options has been completed.

ADNID departure trial

Gatwick Airport ran a six month trial of a departure route called ‘ADNID’. This trial ended in August 2014 since then all departing flights from Gatwick reverted to standard routings. 

The ADNID route, which was trialled on westerly departures from Gatwick, was tested to gather data as part of wider work looking at how to use UK airspace more effectively and efficiently, as well as how to make the most of Gatwick’s single runway capacity.

This is part of the Government’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS), which all airports in the UK will be required to implement by 2020. 

Gatwick does not have any other ongoing trials on departing or arriving routes, and no further trials are planned at present.