The Importance of ACDM55 to Gatwick:

The head of Airside, John Higgins, shares the key deliverables of collaborative decision making.

Gatwick's Introduction to ACDM55:

A short video to highlight the key benefits of A-CDM

Gatwick's Approach to Aircraft Turns:

Gatwick’s A-CDM project aims to improve the overall efficiency of operations at our airport, with a particular focus on the aircraft turn-round and pre-departure sequencing process.  The key objectives are operational efficiency, collaborative working and ultimately delivering improvements for our passengers

Gatwick's Launch of its ACDM55 Project:

The brief was to organise the launch of Gatwick's commitment to A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making). Well, we do things differently at Gatwick these days, so we organised an EVENT! In Airfield Operations, engaging and working with our airlines and airport partners is how we help our airlines grow