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Department for Transport 
The DfT's objective is to oversee the delivery of a reliable, safe and secure transport system that responds efficiently to the needs of individuals and business whilst safeguarding our environment. 
Department for Transport website

Civil Aviation Authority 
The CAA is the UK's aviation regulator, controlling all flight paths and aircraft routes at UK airports, regulates airlines, airports and NATS air traffic services. 
Civil Aviation Authority website

ANS (Air Navigation Solutions) is responsible for controlling all flight paths and aircraft routes at all our UK airports. ANS takes responsibility for an aircraft from the time it departs the stand until it leaves UK air space. 
ANS website

Home Office 
The Home Office sets the framework of objectives, financial allocations, strategy and performance management for the key services that the Home Secretary is responsible for, providing common support services and driving delivery towards ambitious social objectives.
Home Office website

Disclosure Scotland 
In April 2003 the DfT issued an instruction that any new employees recruited to work airside at a UK airport must first produce a Basic Disclosure in order to obtain their Airside or Restricted Zone (RZ) Pass. In July 2003 this instruction was extended to cover existing staff. 
Disclosure Scotland website

UK Border Agency 
The UK Border Agency is responsible for securing the United Kingdom borders and controlling migration in the United Kingdom. It manages border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations. IT also considers applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, citizenship and asylum. 
UK Border Agency website