Meet Steve, airport security officer

airport security officerWhat did you do before joining Gatwick? Before working at Gatwick, I worked for Lloyds Bank for twenty five years. I worked my way up through the ranks to a senior manager in investments and pensions but decided to have a complete change when they were going to relocate out of the London area to Bristol. I took a career break for a year to live and renovate a property in France. When I came back, I worked at Heathrow Airport for about a year before coming to work for Gatwick where I’ve worked for the last seven years as an airport security officer.

What do you like best about your job? What I really like about my job is having the opportunity to meet different people every day, helping passengers and occasionally being able to converse in a  foreign language with them. I love the atmosphere, the environment, the airport has a definite ‘buzz’ about it. It’s also great to be able to work with groups of colleagues from different backgrounds who enjoy the same interests and who have a similar sense of humour to me!

Do you receive much training? The induction course I got when I started was extremely thorough, starting with two weeks class based training followed by a further week on-job training. We also had to  pass various assessments during and at the end of the training which were a mix of practical and written tests. Every year we attend a two day refresher course, and we also get computer based training session three times a year to assess our x-ray screening ability.

What are the responsibilities of a security officer? My key responsibilities are airport security with good customer service, making sure our passengers are security checked in a polite and professional manner. A typical day for me is working in our main central search area in the North Terminal, carrying out all aspects of security work which includes x-ray screening of passengers hand luggage, physical body and hand luggage searches, as well as other duties around various posts in the terminal.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Gatwick? It’s an excellent environment to work in, you’ll get a very thorough training programme. There are also many opportunities to progress within security and other departments. There’s an excellent salary structure with potential for bonus’s, a company pension scheme, free uniform, car parking and discounts on various airport related products. If you enjoy meeting new people everyday this is the place to be!

"Everyday is different in airfield operations..."

"Being flexible, adaptable and being able to think on your feet do put you in good stead for any role within the airport fire service..."

"I like working in collaboration with other people to successfully deliver a project..."

"Gatwick is a very busy place. Once you have stepped in the door, it’s very hard to leave..."