Corporate responsibility | Gatwick Airport

Corporate responsibility

Our ambition is to compete to grow and become London’s airport of choice and to achieve our ambition we have to ensure we are operating responsibly.

Achieving the right balance

We strive to strike the right balance between the environmental impacts of our operations and the social and economic benefits of the airport whilst offering our passengers a great service. There are many ways in which we endeavour to manage our operations efficiently, support the local economy and give something back to our community.

We will only achieve our targets by working closely with our stakeholders and business partners to deliver joint work programmes. This means that the people we work with, the companies we engage with and the passengers travelling through Gatwick all have a part to play.

It’s not simply about improving our environmental performance, it’s about transforming the airport for our passengers in the most sustainable way that will enable us to achieve our targets. It’s also about making sure that during this period of development the benefits to the economy and to our local community are maximised.