We take our responsibilities to our local community very seriously and do our best to get involved and support the area as much as we can.

Gatwick at the heart of our community

Gatwick’s position as one of the area’s largest businesses means we play a significant role in the community; we are the single largest employer and we spend upward of £80m annually in the local economy. Our operations mean we have impacts in other areas and as a result we strive to recognise our responsibilities and work with our community to be a good neighbour.

Supporting local charities

We encourage all our staff in their charitable endeavours. As an airport we hold two annual fundraising days when the airport comes together to raise money for TravelCare, Chestnut Tree House and Cancer Research UK. In addition we have a fund matching scheme in place which gives an extra financial boost to staff who are embarking upon their own charity fund raising efforts. We also encourage our staff to volunteer in the local community.

Gatwick Airport Community Trust

Through our S106 Agreement with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council we fund the Gatwick Airport Community Trust which is an independent trust supporting local charities. The Trust ensures that as the airport continues to grow, funds are ploughed back in to the local communities most affected by the airport and its operations.

Gatwick Greenspace Partnership

We work closely with Gatwick Greenspace which benefits people, wildlife and the countryside. Gatwick Greenspace is one of the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Living Landscape projects and works across 200 square kilometres of countryside between Horsham, Crawley, Horley, Reigate and Dorking. Its aim is to inform, educate and involve a diverse range of people and work with local landowners including the Forestry Commission, the Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust plus local authorities to support them in managing their land more sustainably and in partnership with others.

We have supported the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership with the introduction of an Assistant People and Wildlife Officer, overseeing habitat management and coordinating volunteers who help maintain and improve the wildlife around the airport.


Gatwick is a fantastic place to work and we encourage our staff to get out into the community and inspire young people through mentoring, careers advice and talks at local schools and colleges. This year we are supporting Crawley STEMFest and are sponsoring Young Start Up Talent Awards in the Gatwick Diamond, Brighton and Kent.