We’ve set out our vision for making Gatwick more sustainable. We're engaging our employees, business partners and passengers to make this a reality.

We knew that if Decade of Change was going to be successful we’d need the support of our employees from day one. Our network of Airport Environment Partners (AEPs) covers every area of our business and each AEP is responsible for making sure that the key principles of Decade of Change are embedded into the everyday operation of the airport from the way we procure goods to how we look after our people, and from how we maintain a safe and secure airport to how we ensure our construction programme is as sustainable as it can be.

While we were developing our targets, we recognised that much of what we wanted to achieve was outside our direct control. The only way we’d succeed was to work with the 200 businesses operating here.

We spoke to our key partners during the development of Decade of Change to help shape our strategy and look for opportunities where we can work together. One thing that is clear is that Gatwick feels very much like a community. We want to harness that spirit to build a sustainability programme that is both designed and delivered by the airport community.

Our commitment to running a responsible airport starts with our passengers. We want to deliver the service our passengers expect at every stage of their airport journey.

That’s why we’ve developed our passenger commitments in partnership with our key airlines, handling agents and other service providers. Our passenger commitments; to offer the very best possible experience, keep queues to a minimum and do our best to get our passengers away on time - are embedded throughout our operations.