In April and May 2014 we held a public consultation into our options for a second runway at Gatwick. The purpose of the consultation was to provide information about our second runway proposals and give local residents, businesses, stakeholders and other interested parties an opportunity to tell us what they thought.

We notified over 180,000 local residents and businesses in advance of the consultation, and placed adverts in local newspapers. The consultation was also covered by BBC and ITV local TV and radio news. Interest in the consultation was high with over 23,000 people visiting the consultation website; 6,000 people attending public exhibitions; and 7,717 people submitting consultation responses.

Ipsos MORI has now analysed the consultation responses and produced an independent report which provides detailed independent analysis of every response received to the consultation. This report has informed our own analysis.

We have produced and published our own Report of Consultation, which was presented to the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM) on 24 July 2014. 

The purpose of our report is to:

  • provide an overview of the consultation process, purpose and context;
  • explain our decision on our preferred runway option and the rationale for choosing it;
  • describe the changes we have made to our preferred scheme as a result of this consultation, including providing more detail on how we will mitigate the impacts of development;
  • set out Gatwick’s response to common themes which, whilst not directly linked to the selection of runway option, or refinement of our scheme, were raised frequently by respondents to the consultation