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Airline Sched To Flight Status Terminal Gate    
26 November 2014
easyJet 13:45 Athens EZY5087 DEPARTED 14:35 South      
easyJet 14:00 Basel EZY8433 DEPARTED 14:23 North      
easyJet 14:00 Geneva EZY8474 DEPARTED 14:14 North      
Norwegian 14:10 Copenhagen DY2514 DEPARTED 14:18 South      
Norwegian 14:15 Fuerteventura DY2482 DEPARTED 14:32 South      
easyJet 14:20 Amsterdam EZY8875 DEPARTED 14:26 North      
British Airways 14:25 Naples BA2612 DEPARTED 14:31 North      
easyJet 14:25 Venice EZY5267 DEPARTED 14:46 South      
British Airways 14:30 Bermuda BA2233 DEPARTED 14:58 North      
Norwegian 14:30 Oslo DY2806 DEPARTED 14:42 South      
easyJet 14:35 Rome EZY5257 DEPARTED 14:51 South      
Ryanair 14:45 Dublin FR123 DEPARTED 15:02 South      
Aer Lingus 15:00 Dublin EI239 DEPARTED 15:11 South      
easyJet 15:00 Glasgow EZY883 DEPARTED 15:09 North      
easyJet 15:05 Belfast EZY835 DEPARTED 15:13 North      
Air Arabia Maroc 15:25 Tangier 3O102 DEPARTED 15:35 South      
easyJet 15:30 Dusseldorf EZY8597 DEPARTED 15:43 North      
British Airways 15:40 Turin BA2578 TAXIED 15:56 North      
British Airways 15:50 Amsterdam BA2762 TAXIED 15:53 North      
easyJet 16:00 Budapest EZY8425 TAXIED 15:56 North      
Aurigny 16:00 Guernsey GR607 DEPARTED 16:12 South      
British Airways 16:00 Jersey BA2774 TAXIED 15:57 North      
British Airways 16:00 Venice BA2586 TAXIED 16:09 North      
easyJet 16:05 Barcelona EZY8577 TAXIED 16:02 North      
Vueling 16:05 Florence VY6205 TAXIED 16:11 North      
British Airways 16:10 Bordeaux BA2788 LAST CALL North 574    
Norwegian 16:20 Copenhagen DY2516 LAST CALL South 12    
TAP Air Portugal 16:30 Lisbon TP343 BOARDING South 18    
easyJet 16:35 Brussels EZY8521 BOARDING North 109    
easyJet 16:35 Lisbon EZY8719 BOARDING North 111    
easyJet 16:45 Malaga EZY8609 GATE OPEN North 112    
easyJet 16:45 Paris CdG EZY8327 GATE OPEN North 107    
British Airways 16:50 Riga BA2242 GATE OPEN South 16    
Air Baltic 16:50 Riga BT654 GATE OPEN South 16    
easyJet 16:50 Rome EZY5259 BOARDING South 11    
easyJet 17:00 Amsterdam EZY8879 GATE OPEN North 105    
Aer Lingus 17:00 Dublin EI245 GATE OPEN South 20    
easyJet 17:00 Madrid EZY5481 GATE OPEN South 15    
Norwegian 17:00 Stockholm DY2856 GATE OPEN South 14    
easyJet 17:00 Vienna EZY5359 GATE OPEN South 21    
easyJet 17:15 Valencia EZY5225 SCHEDULED South      
Turkish Airlines 17:20 Istanbul TK1998 SCHEDULED North      
Air Europa 17:20 Madrid UX1016 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 17:35 Kaunas FR2746 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 17:35 Milan-Malpensa EZY5297 SCHEDULED South      
AirBerlin 17:40 Edinburgh AB5194 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 17:40 Edinburgh BA2942 SCHEDULED North      
Ryanair 17:45 Dublin FR117 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 17:45 Edinburgh EZY811 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 17:50 Glasgow AB5206 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 17:50 Glasgow BA2964 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 17:50 Rome DY2500 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 17:55 Munich EZY5385 SCHEDULED South      
Aer Lingus 18:00 Belfast City EI029 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:00 Cologne EZY5377 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:00 Glasgow EZY893 SCHEDULED North      
Aurigny 18:00 Guernsey GR609 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:00 Nice EZY8359 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:05 Basel EZY8437 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:05 Prague EZY5497 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:10 Barcelona EZY8579 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:10 Isle of Man EZY855 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 18:10 Jersey AB5189 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 18:10 Jersey BA2776 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:15 Berlin EZY5415 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:15 Zurich EZY5117 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:25 Aberdeen EZY873 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 18:30 Male AND Colombo BA2043 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:30 Toulouse EZY5337 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 18:45 Helsinki DY5819 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:50 Jersey EZY849 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:55 Belfast EZY839 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 18:55 Newcastle EZY821 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:00 Dublin BA5847 SCHEDULED South      
Aer Lingus 19:00 Dublin EI247 SCHEDULED South      
AirBerlin 19:05 Edinburgh AB5198 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:05 Edinburgh BA2946 SCHEDULED North      
19:05 Edinburgh US7474 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 19:10 Madrid EZY5483 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 19:10 Warsaw DY2498 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 19:15 Inverness EZY865 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 19:15 Jersey AB5191 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:15 Jersey BA2778 SCHEDULED North      
Aurigny 19:30 Guernsey GR611 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 19:30 Hamburg EZY5347 SCHEDULED South      
AirBerlin 19:35 Glasgow AB5208 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:35 Glasgow BA2966 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:40 Barcelona BA2050 SCHEDULED North      
Iberia 19:40 Barcelona IB5855 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 19:40 Barcelona VY7825 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 19:40 Edinburgh EZY813 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 19:40 Milan-Malpensa EZY5299 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 19:45 Berlin EZY5417 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 19:50 Copenhagen EZY5371 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 19:50 Lyon EZY8419 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 19:55 Amsterdam EZY8883 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet EZS 19:55 Geneva EZS8482 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 19:55 Stockholm DY2858 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 20:00 Oslo DY2810 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 20:05 Newquay BA6174 SCHEDULED South      
Flybe 20:05 Newquay BE806 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 20:10 Barcelona EZY8581 SCHEDULED North      
Emirates 20:10 Dubai EK010 SCHEDULED North      
Qantas 20:10 Dubai QF8010 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 20:15 Madrid DY5407 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 20:30 Stavanger DY1337 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 20:45 Bergen DY1319 SCHEDULED South      
21:00 Gatwick ENT623 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 21:05 Copenhagen DY2520 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 21:30 Dublin FR119 SCHEDULED South