Major rail disruption: 04-05 June and 09-11 June

Planned industrial action will affect your journey to and from the airport on Thursday 04 and Friday 05 June as well as Tuesday 09 June to Thursday 11 June if it goes ahead. Please allow plenty of extra time and plan your journey carefully.

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Airline Sched To Flight no. Status Terminal Gate    
Castle.Proxies.AirlineBlockProxy 10:00 Dubai EK012 BOARDING North 52  
Castle.Proxies.AirlineBlockProxy 10:00 Dubai QF8012 BOARDING North 52  
Castle.Proxies.AirlineBlockProxy 14:25 Dubai EK016 SCHEDULED North    
Castle.Proxies.AirlineBlockProxy 14:25 Dubai QF8016 SCHEDULED North    
Castle.Proxies.AirlineBlockProxy 21:20 Dubai EK010 SCHEDULED North    
Castle.Proxies.AirlineBlockProxy 21:20 Dubai QF8010 SCHEDULED North