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Here you can find details on airspace consultations that have taken place, including the London Airspace Consultation and the PR-NAV consultation.

London Airspace Consultation

For information on phase one of the consultation, you can find out more here: London Airspace Consultation website.

All relevant documents are listed below. All feedback received has been assessed and a full consultation feedback report has been produced by IPSOS MORI. The report document has been split up in to different sections due to its large size. Please use the links below to read the full report.

Report overview, options and responses  

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E Part 1
Appendix E/Part 2
Appendix E/Part 3
Appendix F

Change log document  
Airspace consultation summary 
Airspace consultation document


Maps 01 to 09 - Option A
Maps 10 to 15 - Option B
Maps 16 to 22 - Option C
Maps 23 to 31 - departures
Maps 32 to 39 - arrivals 
Maps 40 to 43 - combination 
Maps D1 to D2 and E1 
Areas of interest

Appendix G: Theoretical populations count comparisons

PRNAV consultation 

The consultation ran for a period of 13 weeks between 19 July 2012 and 19 October 2012.

The document, PRNAV Departure SID Implementation at Gatwick was created as part of the consultation process. It describes our proposal to replicate, implement and eventually replace, within the next five years, the current standard departure routes from Gatwick Airport with more accurately defined routes utilising the improved navigational capabilities of modern aircraft (P-RNAV).

Following the consultation, in which 71 stakeholders took part, we published a report on the consultation findings.


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