An overview of all our consultations and schemes

Airspace Consultation

We are working in partnership with National Air Traffic Services (NATS) to propose a new design concept to replace the existing aircraft approach and departure routes at Gatwick with the aim of delivering significant local environmental benefits. These include fuel savings for airlines, fewer C02 emissions and fewer people affected by aircraft noise.

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Fines for noisy planes

Gatwick has a network of noise monitors around the airport to monitor the noise of departing planes at specific locations. Planes that break the noise limits are fined £500 by Gatwick Airport Ltd for the first 3dB over the limit and £1,000 above that.

We don't keep any of the money we raise from the fines. Instead we use it to support local community projects through the Gatwick Airport Community Trust . The Trust, which is independently-managed, supports local sports and arts initiatives focused on developing local youngsters. We’re also committed to environment conservation projects and supporting other community organisations and facilities.

Noise insulation scheme

Our noise insulation scheme is the most innovative in Europe. Homes across Surrey, Sussex and Kent can apply for up to £3,000 towards double glazing for their windows and doors as well as loft insulation. 

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Home owner support scheme

You can view details of our home owner support scheme below.

Home owner support scheme (please note that this will be updated to reflect our new pledge announced on 24 July)

Property market support bond

You can view details of our property market support bond below.

Property market support bond (please note that this will be updated to reflect our new pledge announced on 24 July)

Home relocation assistance scheme

You can view details of our home relocation assistance scheme below.

Home relocation assistance scheme

Aircraft vortex damage

You can find out what to do if you suspect an aircraft has caused vortex damage to your property.

Aircraft vortex damage policy