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Test to and from by rail page

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Gatwick Airport
Due Destination Status Plat
22:42 London Victoria 22:56
14 mins late
1 Details
22:49 Peterborough On time 1 Details
22:50 Bognor Regis On time 7 Details
22:53 London Victoria On time 6 Details
22:57 London Victoria On time 2 Details
22:58 Brighton 23:01
3 mins late
7 Details
23:03 London Victoria On time 4 Details
23:05 Brighton On time 7 Details
23:09 Chichester On time 5 Details
23:12 Brighton On time 7 Details
23:12 London Victoria On time 2 Details
23:16 Horsham 23:18
2 mins late
3 Details
23:18 Redhill On time 1 Details
23:21 Hastings On time 7 Details
23:27 London Victoria On time 2 Details
23:28 Brighton On time 7 Details
23:34 Bedford On time Details
23:35 Brighton On time Details
23:35 Peterborough On time Details
23:39 Horsham On time Details
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