Christmas packing tips

Packing for your Christmas flight is the same as any other trip, but you may be looking to carry a few extra items. Here are some things to watch out for.

  • Don't wrap presents that you're carrying in your hand luggage - security officers may need to see them.
  • Party poppers cannot be carried in either your hand or hold luggage.
  • Christmas crackers can be taken through security in your hand luggage, but only one pack per person. They have to be in their original, unopened, packaging and you must advise the check-in staff that you are carrying them. However, some airlines do not allow them at all, so we always suggest checking with your airline directly first.
  • Gift sets usually contain liquids of over 100ml, so please pack them in your hold luggage or buy them at the airport.
  • If you want to take full advantage of the airport Christmas sales, then don't forget you can buy on your way out and collect your items on the way back.
  • Snow globes don't usually state the liquid content, so please pack them into your hold luggage.
  • Some children's toys replicate prohibited items and these must be placed in your hold luggage. Please note even if the item is wrapped it will not be permitted to travel in the aircraft cabin.
  • Condiments and other Christmas goodies may come under the liquid rules: any liquid, gel, cream or paste over 100ml must go in your hold luggage. This include jars such as cranberry sauce, minced meat, pickles, jam, marmalade and other jellies, tubs of clotted cream, custard and brandy sauce or butter.
  • The good news is you can take your Christmas cake and mince pies!