Hand baggage

What can I take through security?

Hand baggage rules

Our general advice is to carry the very minimum of hand baggage, and make sure you arrive early at the airport and allow plenty of time for security screening.

In a nutshell the rules for hand baggage are as follows:

Most airlines allow just one piece of hand luggage and this must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Most airlines do also allow passengers to carry a handbag too, but please check with your airline to make sure.

Your hand luggage must not contain any sharp items

You may only carry small amounts of liquid, gels, creams and pastes - in containers no bigger than 100ml – and all these items must be inside one transparent re-sealable bag.

The maximum bag size is 20cm x 20cm and this will be screened separately at security.

You can't take drinks through security, but once you're through security you can buy them or any of our food outlets will be happy to offer you tap water.