US security restrictions

From 19 July 2017, additional security measures will be in place for all flights to the USA.

The US Government has put in place additional security measures on flights to the USA from other countries, including the UK. We do not expect that this will cause any delays or disruption to your journey, however, if you are travelling to the USA, you may be selected to go through additional security checks before boarding your flight. 

As normal, you are advised to allow plenty of time to get to the airport. Check-in times for US destinations vary depending on the airline but it usually opens at least two or three hours before departures. Please check with your airline for specific check-in opening times.

As with all flights, we advise anyone travelling to the USA to go to the boarding gate as soon as your flight is called to ensure that any additional security checks required do not delay your flight. All extra checks will be carried out by at the boarding gate.

Airlines flying to the US from Gatwick are British Airways, Norwegian, Thomas Cook, Thomson and Virgin Atlantic.

For further information we recommend that you speak to your airline: