Airport and travel information related to coronavirus (COVID-19)

We understand that air travel in this current coronavirus (COVID-19) world is a new experience for everybody. It is our priority to ensure that all our passengers and staff at the airport keep healthy and safe and follow the UK Government’s guidelines. There are four key things we would like you to do as you travel through the airport to protect yourselves and your fellow passengers, as well as staff. These are also displayed throughout our terminals.

  1. Wear a face covering while travelling through Gatwick
  2. Maintain social distancing
  3. Wash your hands regularly
  4. Keep your hands clean on the go by using hand sanitiser

From 1 April 2020, we temporarily closed our North Terminal and flights now arrive and depart from our South Terminal. However, we recommend that you keep in contact with your airline for the latest flight information. You can also check our live daily flight information.

In addition, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is regularly updating its guidance for people travelling overseas following the outbreak of COVID-19.

We’ve compiled some answers to some of your most frequently asked questions with regards to coronavirus and travel.

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Public transport

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General travel advice 


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