Before you travel

For peace of mind, we advise you to plan your travel carefully and always book help in advance.

We extend a warm welcome to all our passengers at Gatwick. We understand that airports can be large, noisy and confusing places, so if you need extra assistance while you're here, we have a dedicated team to help.

Before you set off on holiday, there are a number of things to think about, especially if you find walking long distances difficult and think you may need extra help at the airport.

Here there's more information to help you on your journey through the airport:

We have also produced a special assistance booklet to help you with your journey through the airport. 

What you need to do

You should always book assistance in advance through your airline or travel agent, if you need help at the airport. This is so that we can have the right help and equipment ready for you at the airport. 

Please follow these simple steps:

  • At the time of booking your flight or up to 48 hours in advance of travelling, please contact your airline directly or via your travel agent to book assistance.
  • You should also tell your airline if you intend to take your own mobility aid such as wheelchair or scooter.

If you are unable to book assistance in advance, then please make your way to one of the many help points around the airport, forecourts or car parks or go straight to the special assistance desks located in both North and South terminal check-in areas.

Our advice: to get the best assistance at the airport, please pre-book through your airline or travel agent at least 72 hours before you fly. If you haven't booked we will try to help you, of course, but will always give priority to passengers who have booked in advance. 

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Below you can find links to our top airlines where they'll give you guidance on how to contact them to book assistance: 


Walking distances

To help you decide whether you need mobility assistance at Gatwick, we've drawn up a full list of all the distances you may need to walk at the airport. Use our walking distance chart to find out how far it is from the car park to check-in or from the departure lounge to the gate rooms. 
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Security and medication

Everyone travelling from Gatwick needs to go through security. We advise you to check before you fly to make sure that you understand the rules for what you can and can't carry in your hand baggage and what to do if you are travelling with medication or equipment.

Items such as blood pressure monitors can be carried in your hand baggage as long as they fit within your airline's size restrictions. Other medical items that you may need during your flight including insulin and needles, asthma inhalers, Epi Pen, angina sprays etc. can be carried, but only the amount necessary for your trip. Please pack the rest in your checked-in baggage. 

If you need to use injectable medication before your flight then please go to one of our special assistance desks where a member of staff will be happy to find you a quiet room within the terminal. 

You can find lots of advice on travelling with medicines in our security section and also advice for travelling with your own mobility equipment and other special facilities and services in this section.

We recommend that you always discuss any special medical equipment requirements with your airline in advance of your flight.

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Our service provider

Under European legislation, your airline is responsible for providing assistance when you are on board the aircraft and we will help you while you are at the airport.

At Gatwick our service partner Wilson James deals with all requests for assistance. Their specialised team of staff will be on hand to meet you and to help you through the airport. Special assistance is available for all age groups, including young travellers.

Here's our service level agreement for what you should expect from us as a passenger with reduced mobility or a disability while you are at the airport.

You can find out more about other facilities and services available at Gatwick in this section. We also give some advice if you or one of your party has a hidden disability.

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Other information

We have created a booklet called Making your journey easier which is full of advice on getting through the airport and on what to do if you need special assistance. Our frequently asked questions page may also be of help. 

CAA passengers with reduced mobility survey

The Civil Aviation Authority, in co-operation with UK airports, collects feedback on the quality of the assistance provided to passengers with reduced mobility.

We would be grateful if you would take the time to complete a short survey on the assistance provided to you on departure from, and on arrival back, at a UK airport.

Complete the CAA survey.