Do you need special assistance at Gatwick, but are concerned about keeping safe? Don't worry, we have special measures in place to protect both you and our staff.

Should you need to fly but feel a little nervous with the new rules that are in place, we'd like to reassure you that our special assistance team is taking extra steps and precautions to keep you safe. 

As always, please make sure you have booked special assistance at Gatwick at least 48 hours in advance, so that we can plan and help you get to where you need to be as quickly as possible. You should do this through your airline or travel agent.

We know how important our special assistance services are, so we have been working hard to put additional measures in place in light of COVID-19.

What's new?

  • All passengers and staff must wear a face covering unless there is a medical reason not to.
  • All staff have completed a full training course to cover new ways of working with protective equipment. They will be wearing face masks and gloves and have continuous access to hand and equipment sanitiser.
  • If you are exempt from wearing a face mask, then our staff will wear safety goggles or glasses as well as a face mask for additional protection. 
  • Staff all have access to protective “sleeves” for assisting passengers with visual impairments
  • All areas and equipment are thoroughly cleaned every day and equipment and seating is sanitised before and after individual use.  
  • All our buggies now have clear screens fitted to support social distancing.
  • We have social distancing measures in place. This includes signage, one-way flows in our reception areas and socially distanced seating. 
  • Protective screens have been installed at all our reception desks
  • Our staff have shift times staggered and are working in consistent teams to reduce mixing with others.
  • All staff  are aware of the process that they need to follow if passengers report feeling unwell or their family members are unwell.

Visit our special COVID-19 page for more information about travelling through Gatwick  in the current climate.