Mobility aids

Advice if you are travelling with your own mobility equipment through the airport

Mobility buggy

You are welcome to travel with your own mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters or walkers, but please do advise your airline in advance.  

Departing from Gatwick

If you are flying from Gatwick with your own equipment you can take it right up to the departure gate. Please make sure your airline knows in advance that you'll be travelling with your own equipment.

Once you're through security, please go immediately to the assistance desk located in the departure lounge.

Depending on which gate your flight departs from, it may be necessary for our assistance team to escort you to the aircraft via an alternative route.

If you are travelling with an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter staff will meet you at the departure gate to help you make sure your scooter is safely turned off for the flight or your wheelchair folded. It helps us keep delays to a minimum if you know how your device works in advance. 

Arriving at Gatwick

When you arrive at Gatwick, your wheelchair or mobility aid should be there as you disembark the aircraft.

Don't forget to advise your airline that you have your own equipment so that ground staff can get it back to you more quickly.

Staff will unload your wheelchair or scooter from the hold along with the other baggage and cargo that's carried in the hold. Once this has been unloaded it will be brought up to the aircraft door via the nearest lift.

In the unlikely event that your mobility aid is lost or damaged during flight, then please report this immediately to the airline. You will need to complete a report in the baggage reclaim hall and you will get a reference number. Gatwick Airport will lend you a wheelchair until yours is returned or repaired. 

Airports can be large and confusing places. We recommend you check our walking distances chart for the time it may take to get through the airport.