Winter sports advice

Stay safe on the slopes with our winter sports tips

Winter ski advice

Whether you're a seasoned ski fanatic or a first-timer, there are some definite dos and don'ts for getting out on the slopes. With the help of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), we've got some tips to make sure your winter sports holiday doesn't go downhill in the wrong way:

  • Travel insurance: is essential. Make sure you have comprehensive insurance that includes cover for all of your winter sports activities
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): you need to carry this with you if you're travelling in Europe
  • Know your limits: don’t drink and ski
  • Use a helmet: protect our head and policy – many insurers insist you wear a helmet
  • Goggles and sun cream: use both to protect yourself
  • Ski fit: don't attempt slopes you're not experienced or fit enough to tackle. Green slopes are the easiest, followed by Blue, Red and Black
  • Keep in touch: make sure someone knows where you're going and tell them of any changes to your plans.

The FCO has created a full #skisafe winter sports advice guide which you can download and take with you. It includes information on how to how to stay safe on the slopes and what to do if you have a problem. More guidance for skiiers

Airlines have different rules and charges with regards to carrying winter sports gear on board. Make sure you check costs and restrictions with your airline at the time of booking.