About us

We're looking forward to boosting the local economy, supporting local projects, and becoming a net zero airport

Our Future Plans

We're looking forward to bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use. These plans are a long-term investment in our future.

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Our decade of change

We continue to work towards being the UK’s most sustainable airport. There’s still more to do. Our Decade of Change policy takes us to 2030.

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Join our team

We are a major employer in the region and many of our colleagues live in the local area.

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Our role in the community

We have a strong programme of community investment and we play a vital role in boosting the economy of the local area and region.

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Our work to reduce noise

At our busiest in 2019, we were 48% quieter than in 1990. 62% of aircraft meet the highest international noise standards.

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Our education programme

We inform, inspire and invest in young people and we open up the world of opportunities to everyone.  We offer help in developing the right skills for the right job. 

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