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Gatwick Airport Limited (Gatwick) is the company licensed to operate Gatwick Airport by the Civil Aviation Authority.

On 27 December 2018, Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) announced a new partnership with VINCI Airports. Read more

Gatwick is owned and managed by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) and a consortium of its co-investors. 

GIP is an independent infrastructure fund manager that combines deep industry expertise with industrial best practice operational management. It currently manages over $40 billion for its investors, specialising in investments in air transport, freight, ports and energy.  

The Company has offices in London and New York with an affiliate in Sydney and a portfolio company operations headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. GIP has an interest in Edinburgh Airport, having sold its interest in London City Airport in 2016. 

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We have a board of directors, and an executive management responsible for the management and day-to-day running of the airport. Find out more using the links below:

Who sits on Gatwick Airport's board? 
Who's on the executive management team?  
How does our governance work?