Archived regulation documents

Since April 2014, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has licensed Gatwick to operate under a new Commitments Framework

During the CAA’s review of regulation at Gatwick from April 2014 we submitted a number of documents for the CAA's consideration. These included business plans and external expert advice. You can find our archived documents below: 

Response to CAA final proposals - November 2013
Paper on regulation of an increasingly competitive airports sector - May 2013
Response to the CAA's report on price monitoring - March 2013
Response to the CAA's report on comparing and capping airport charges - March 2013
Letter to the CAA regarding the application of long run incremental cost estimates - March 2013
Gatwick Airport report on regulatory regimes at airports - January 2013
What is the cost of capital for Gatwick Airport beyond Q5 - January 2013
How has the risk of Gatwick Airport changed since the start of Q5 - January 2013
Refreshed Business Plan to 2024 (public version) - January 2013
Gatwick Airport report on regulation, deregulation & market power - November 2012
Initial Business Plan to 2020 (public version) - April 2012
Letter to the CAA re Constructive Engagement - March 2012

Gatwick's submissions to the CAA

As part of the consultation and review we submitted a range of documents to the CAA in support of our case to operate within a framework agreement with our airlines.

Gatwick letter regarding Market Power Determination – March 2014 
Further paper on regulation of an increasingly competitive airport sector - September 2013 
Gatwick response to CAA’s Market Power Assessment – July 2013 
Paper on regulation of an increasingly competitive airport sector - May 2013 
GAL paper Assessing the adverse effects and benefits of regulation - October 2012 
GAL additional evidence - September 2012 
GAL response to the CAA's May 2012 Policy Update - July 2012 
Letter with Submission re CAA's assessment of market power at Gatwick - April 2012 
Letter re CAA's initial views of market power - February 2012 
Comments on Frontier Economics and RBB Reports - December 2011 
Letter re Competition in the South East Market with accompanying Submission - November 2011