More than just an airport

We're more than just an airport

Caring for our environment

We're carbon neutral and send zero waste to landfill as our commitment to the environment is for the long haul. 

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Offering a world of opportunity

There's a wealth of different jobs at the airport. Just ask the 24,000 people who work here.

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Bringing the world closer to home

We fly to more than 220 destinations worldwide with over 60 long-haul routes.

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Supporting the local community

We support 164 good causes locally because everybody's journey is important to us.

How do we support and work with our local communities?

Bringing global trade opportunities closer

Local businesses are 50% more likely to export than the national average. 

How is Gatwick bringing global trade opportunities to the region?

Connecting you around the UK

Gatwick Airport links you directly with over 120 stations, with trains to London every three minutes.

How is the airport so well connected?