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An overview

We believe that only an expanded Gatwick will provide the right type of capacity at the right cost to meet demand

Since the Airports Commission began its task of assessing UK airport capacity back in 2012, we have submitted a large amount of information to support our case for a new runway at Gatwick.
All our submission documents are published and you can read them here along with other supporting documents. 

In summary, we have submitted to the Commission a scheme design for a new 3.4km runway located 1,045m south of our existing runway. The distance between the proposed runways would allow them to operate independently of each other in what is known as ‘mixed mode’ operation. This means that both runways could be used for arrivals and departures.

The new runway would be served by a new terminal located between the runways, giving the airport an overall capacity of around 90 million passengers a year by 2050. Obviously other infrastructure would be needed to support a new runway and terminal, and the facilities proposed within the scheme also include:

  • Cargo and aircraft maintenance facilities in the northern area of the airport
  • New hotels, short-stay multi storey and office space immediately adjacent to the new terminal building
  • New Gatwick Gateway, which will create an interchange between the railway station; all surface access and the terminals
  • New automated people mover linking all three terminals
  • All long-stay car parking would be located east of the railway 
  • The River Mole and Crawter’s Brook would be diverted to the west of the airport 
  • The A23 would be diverted to the east and junction 9 of the M23 would be modified and improved to segregate access to each of the three terminals and for local traffic.


To find out more about Gatwick's case for expansion go to our Gatwick Obviously website or watch our short animation:

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