About our 2021 results

"Our people showed great resilience in 2021 as we continued to battle through the pandemic. We’ve worked together to sustain our business and protect jobs despite some big challenges.

We remain committed to creating a diverse and inclusive place to work. Different perspectives and backgrounds help us to be more innovative, creative, and effective as a business.

Since our last report, we have implemented a more inclusive recruitment process and launched a Women in Leadership programme for our high-potential employees.

Our colleagues have formed Equal Plane, a business resource group dedicated to empowering women to fly higher. Members of this group sit on our Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I) Council.

Our HR Director David Conway talks about the 2021 Gender Pay Gap results

As we build back fitter and stronger, equality will be central to the plan to hire 400 new colleagues in 2022.

We’re at a unique point in Gatwick’s history. We’ll need everyone’s perspective to find the creative and ambitious solutions that will help us grow back stronger. Diversity, equality, and inclusion simply must be a priority for us."

David Conway, HR Director