Regulatory Performance

Regulatory accounts

As part of the CAA's economic regulation, Gatwick Airport is required to provide annual regulatory accounts. These accounts report our performance for the past year, against the CAA's forecast from their latest regulatory decision. They are subject to an independent review by Gatwick's statutory auditors, whose report is provided solely for Gatwick Airport and the CAA.

Regulatory accounts - year ended 31 March 2012
Regulatory accounts - year ended 31 March 2011
Regulatory accounts - year ended 31 March 2010
Regulatory accounts - year ended 31 March 2009

Service Quality Rebate Scheme

The CAA introduced a Service Quality Rebate Scheme in July 2003, with the aim of improving service standards at Gatwick Airport. The CAA reviews this scheme as part of their regular price control reviews.

Under this Scheme if the airport fails to meet the standard for a particular service, in a particular terminal, for six months the CAA writes to Gatwick Airport asking for an explanation of why the standard has been missed and asking for our plans and timescales for meeting the target in future. Find below the most recent responses to the CAA:

SQR Cleanliness Failures 2010-11 - May 2011
SQR Wayfinding Failures 2010-11 - November 2010

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