Airfield investment

Improvements aren't only taking place inside our terminals. To keep Gatwick operating safely and efficiently, we've also been investing in airfield enhancements.

airfield investments

New aircraft stands

In 2010, we completed the construction of six new large aircraft stands designed to be used by any aircraft, including the A380.They are remote from the terminals and used for parking empty aircraft, enabling more efficient use of the stands closer to the terminals. We also built a large new balancing pond to help manage drainage and water quality, and a landscaping embankment to screen the area from the local countryside.

Runway resurfacing

One of our biggest and most complex work projects is resurfacing the runway without closing the airport. From March to December 2012, we will be working on our runway every night, replacing the lighting system, improving drainage and, most importantly, removing the old runway surface and replacing it with new high quality asphalt. We do this every 11 years to ensure that it is safe and fit for purpose for the world’s busiest single runway commercial airport.

Taxiway improvements

Our taxiways are the main routes that aircraft take between the runway and the parking areas. We have a number of projects involving either resurfacing or improving the taxiways, so that we can keep the airfield moving and get passengers on their way safely and quickly.