1 June 2016

Update by Charles Kirwan-Taylor, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director

01 June 2016  

Charles Kirwan-TaylorSince the amendment to Route 4 was introduced as planned on Thursday 26 May, a number of people from communities close to it have been in touch saying that nothing appears to have changed. I can confirm that at 15:37 local time on 26 May, the active runway at Gatwick Airport changed from westerly arrivals and departures to easterly arrivals and departures where Route 4 is not flown. We have been operating on easterly departures since.

The direction of the runway operation is determined by Air Traffic Control and is determined by meteorological conditions both on the ground at Gatwick and in higher levels of airspace. Once the prevailing direction of the wind changes and we revert to westerly runway operations, the amended Route 4 will come into use again. For context, westerly operations are flown approximately 70% of the time.

I will continue to keep this Blog updated with developments relating to Route 4 and please continue to forward your feedback to: Route4@gatwickairport.com.