31 January 2016

Route 4 blog - edition 3

Update by Charles Kirwan-Taylor, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director

31 January 2016

Charles Kirwan-Taylor

This week saw Bo Redeborn publish his review of arrivals traffic at Gatwick. You can read his full review here and you can view Gatwick's response here.

We also ran simulator trials for the route modifications we are developing for route 4. We ran trials for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft at different speeds. We were able to complete a good number of simulations but the results are not straightforward as the route is a complex one and flight patterns are susceptible to high winds, so we are doing more analysis of how aircraft of different types behave under different conditions.

The simulated flight tracks are being transposed onto NPR maps so we can establish the accuracy of the flight path profiles in conjunction with the NPRs. We will then determine what we think is the optimal proposal to submit to the CAA (which sent representatives to the simulator trials) over the next week. The variables we are looking at are refinements of speed and flap settings, rather than adjustments to the route itself. We are still aiming to submit our proposal to the CAA to meet the February deadline such that the modified route is introduced in May.

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