21 January 2016

Route 4 blog - edition 2

Update by Charles Kirwan-Taylor, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director 

Charles Kirwan-TaylorSince the CAA’s approval of our modified Route 4 flight path, we have worked hard to secure a company who will provide the ‘coding’ for our proposed route.  This coding house is currently turning our proposed route into a format which can be read by aircraft Flight Management Systems (FMS), therefore allowing us to conduct the required flyability tests.  We have secured dates within two simulators, one Airbus and one Boeing, next week where these tests will be completed.  This will consist of flying the route in varying conditions, such as strong and light wind, varying load weights, good and bad weather.

Should these test results be approved by the CAA, the next stage is to submit this flight plan into the AIRAC Cycle; any operationally significant changes to airspace must be inputted into this cycle in order for all appropriate updates to be made to the FMS of all aircraft which will be affected.  The changes we are proposing must be inputted into the ‘double AIRAC Cycle’ of 56 days before the changes can be made permanent. 

The table below shows the proposed timeline of events in relation to this modified route plan; to date we are looking on track to meet an implementation date at the end of May 2016.