FPT reports & publications

Our flight performance team (FPT) - previously called the flight evaluation team - produces a variety of publications, including quarterly and annual reports and noise studies.

The reports contain detailed data about aircraft activity at Gatwick, including adherence to noise mitigation measures, night flying, an update on the community noise monitoring programme and an analysis of complaints and enquiries received.

Read our reports below:

Annual reports

Gatwick Airport flight performance team report 2013
Gatwick Airport flight performance team report 2012
Gatwick Airport flight performance team report 2011 

Continuous descent approach performance report 2011
Gatwick Airport flight evaluation report 2010 
Gatwick Airport flight evaluation report 2009 
Gatwick Airport flight evaluation report 2008 
Gatwick Airport flight evaluation report 2007 
Gatwick Airport flight evaluation report 2006

Quarterly reports

FPT report - 2015 Q1

FPT report - 2014 Q4
FPT report - 2014 Q3

FPT report - 2014 Q2

FPT report - 2014 Q1

FPT report - 2013 Q4
FPT report - 2013 Q3
FPT report - 2013 Q2
FPT report - 2013 Q1

FPT report - 2012 Q4
FPT report - 2012 Q3
FPT report - 2012 Q2
FPT report - 2012 Q1

FEU report - 2011 Q4
FEU report - 2011 Q3
FEU report - 2011 Q2
FEU report - 2011 Q1 

FEU report - 2010 Q4 
FEU report - 2010 Q3 
FEU report - 2010 Q2 
FEU report - 2010 Q1

FEU report - 2009 Q4 
FEU report - 2009 Q3 
FEU report - 2009 Q2 
FEU report - 2009 Q1

Annual noise studies

In order to gain an understanding of the levels of aircraft noise in the communities surrounding the airport, Gatwick conducts a programme of community noise monitoring. This involves placing a mobile noise monitor in a location for typically 12 months. The findings are reported to the airports internal noise governance structure.

These reports are written by Gatwick Airport Limited's independent noise consultants. There are two types of report: summary reports which provide a snapshot of the noise climate for the monitoring period and an annual in depth noise study. 

Find out more information on Gatwick's community noise monitoring programme.

Gatwick’s noise and track keeping system

December 2014

Noise monitoring reports

We produce a range of reports from the areas where our noise monitors are located. You can read your local report below:

Capel report 2009 
Rusper report 2009 
Slinfold report 2009/10
Felbridge report 2010 
Lingfield report 2010 
Tinsley Green report 2010/11
Meath Green report 2010/11
Hever report 2011 
Leigh report 2011/12
Haywards Heath 2011/12
Blindley Heath 2013 
Domewood report 2014
Hever Castle report 2014
Billinghurst report 2015


The noise and track monitoring advisory group (NATMAG)

NATMAG brings together representatives from the DfT, NATS, British Airways, Gatwick Airport and local authorities. The group discusses a wide range of noise and track-keeping issues and monitors track-keeping performance, night engine testing and ground noise complaints.

NATMAG minutes from meetings