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The launch

ACDM55 launch - Williams F1 Conference Centre

The brief was to organise the launch of Gatwick's commitment to A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making). Well, we do things differently at Gatwick these days, so we organised an event!

Industry challenges

We invited all of our airport partners and industry experts to talk about what A-CDM means to them and share any concerns they may have. The high level support for the event and goals of A-CDM55 were highlighted by the speakers who included Gatwick's CEO, Stewart Wingate, as well as Corneel Koster, Director of Operations for Virgin Atlantic, Patrick Ky, Executive Director of SESAR and Mike Stoller, Operation Director, NATS. Their presentations and commitment, resulted in a unanimous endorsement of A-CDM55.

Can we all really work better together?

Many benefits of working better together are clear, but what better way to demonstrate this than a Formula 1 pit stop? The scale may be different and arguably the risks are different, but we used the opportunity to practice our communication skills, teamwork ethic and our desire to be the best team on the day.

The results were amazing - handling agents talking to air traffic controllers, airlines talking to airport operators, airport operators talking to air traffic controllers, support services talking to the policy makers and all learning and sharing information. We weren't just discussing performance data on what went well (or not so well), but were looking at who was best at what they do, what could we learn from each other, and what was the optimum way of getting the vehicle turned around in a safe, effective and efficient way.

We got some great results too! The cross-functional, multi-disciplined, diverse crews turned their vehicles in just a shade over five seconds. Pretty good going.  

Operational perspective

It was a great way to get people talking, discussing the links with aircraft turns and understanding how time is precious to all of us including our customers and passengers. Scott Stanley, Gatwick's Chief Operating Officer, led what A-CDM55 will deliver for Gatwick and what he wanted from the wider airport community. Erik Einset, ACDM55 Programme Leader, detailed why ACDM55 is so important and Kevin O'Leary, Airfield Manager, introduced the key program managers selected to deliver the changes.

To close, we held a question and answer session and the Gatwick team were supported by Bjorn-Erik Barman from Norwegian Airlines, Andy Taylor of NATS and Dave Booth from Eurocontrol to take and answer questions from the wider audience which included most of our airport partners.

More will follow on this exciting 'game changing' initiative and we hope, like many on the day, through collaboration, everybody gets behind Gatwick's desire to be London's Airport of choice.


Monthly updates

Please see below our monthly updates to appraise the airport community on Gatwick’s commitment to ACDM55. Through consultation with the AOC, the project team has committed to informing the community on progress to date and forth coming events/milestones.

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